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I wish to build a computer dedicated to playback of pre-recorded and streamed media.

At this point nothing has been decided, except that I wish to be able to store all my Single and Multi-Session CD's, DVD's and Blurays on a hard disk in a format that is as near to the native physical media layout as possible.

In principle the image would be mounted onto a virtual optical drive within the media PC to be accessed by any legitimate playback software as if running from the original media, and would therefor need to be a format that is mountable and presents the contents of an image to the software as if original.

To my mind and based on suggestions, there are only two potential formats - ISO for simple data files, and UDF for complicated Audio and Audio/Video content.

These being industry standard and non-proprietory formats work with most recent OS and are unlikely to loose support as a viable format if the owner goes out of business. I am not interested in any other formats such as Cue/Bin, Nero etc etc.

What is not clear to me is how I might convert or extract a single or multi-session CD, DVD or BluRay into a UDF image.

Please could you point me to instructions on how I might create UDF images of Single and Multi-session CD's DVD's BluRay.

Let me make it clear, I am not interested in breaching copy write, by removing encryption or re-encoding the audio/video content, or to make the images in anyway available to other parties via the internet. I understand that legislation in the UK has or is changing the legalise fair use copying and transcoding for personal use.

This is purely to make it possible to listen/view my extensive collection of music/videos without having to root around in around 50 large boxes, each containing something like 25-50 DVD's or CD's and to allow me to store them in the loft to make room in my house for people!

I'd appreciate any help you can provide and subject to confirmation I may then consider buying the requisite software to facilitate this project.

Thanks to all in advance for your help
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If you would ask me, I would go for ISO on that.
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