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Let me get this started... first of all, I do a lot of work with homebrew PS2 code, especially using media players.

Every time I want to try a new image out, I am forced to open up CD/DVD Gen and create a layout of the files I want and everything. I then export to .IML and convert to .ISO. Then I open the .ISO in UltraISO and rename everything I want renamed from 8.3 format to long format. Final step is burning the image.

Now if UltraISO had the ability to manually edit the LBA of files, that would totally kick ass. Merely prioritizing files will not work, as certain files need to be at a certain LBA. That would cut out CD/DVD Gen and the conversion from .IML to .ISO, as I can set all the other required info through UltraISO.

I know a lot of people that would definitely stop using whatever other ISO solution they use if this feature was in UltraISO. I'm not too sure on how difficult it would be to incorporate, but hopefully it's not too hard.
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