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Topic: EasyBoot V6.0 is released
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Aug. 12 2011,09:47
1, What's new
 +) Supports 24bit true color display mode
 +) Supports Smooth Video display
 +) Fast submenu switching
 +) Can run bootable ISO image directly (such as Acronis, WinPE, UBCD, Hiren's Boot CD, etc)
 +) Supports vfloppy functionality
 +) New isolinux command, can pass commands or cfg file to isolinux
  (for example: isolinux /myboot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg)
 +) Can run ntldr/setupldr.bin/bootmgr/grldr
  (for example: loadsegm 2000;run /wxpe/setupldr.bin)
 *) Includes universal CD/DVD-ROM device driver for DOS environment (resource\eltorito.sys)
 *) Some minor improvements and bug fixes

2, Download site
 < >

3, Additional information
Updfate notice:
Please re-save ALL old .ezb menu file made with EasyBoot V5 at least once to employ the new V6 kernel

1) Run bootable ISO images
       Syntax: run <filename>
    Example:  run /iso/win7pe.iso
   Bootable ISO's works:
            - ISO of Windows 7 PE
            - EasyBoot based bootable ISO
            - isolinux based bootable ISO (such as UBCD,  Hiren's Boot CD)
            - Floppy emulated bootable ISO (such as Norton Ghost)
            - Int 13 based no emulation bootable ISO (such as Acronis True Image)

Problem ISO's:
             - Live Linux
             - Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 setup CD
             - Programs in ISO image which is based on linux kernel  may not work in full

2) New vfloppy command
       Syntax: vfloppy
        Example: vfloppy;run drivedsk.img;run w2ksect.bin
     vfloppy is a switch variable. If it is switched on, the following 'run drivedsk.img' will emulate a floppy drive only (DO NOT BOOT), and Windows XP setup program ('run w2ksect.bin')may find device driver files from it.

 3) New isolinux command
    Syntax: isolinux command/config_file
    Example: Integrates two version of Hiren's Boot CD V9.9 and V13.2
    - Open V9.9 ISO with UltraISO, press F4 to extract all files and folders to c:\easyBoot\disk1
    - Rename sub folder HBCD to HBCD99
    - Open HBCD99\isolinux\isolinux.cfg with a text editor, replace all '\HBCD' to '\HBCD99' and save
    - Open V13.2 ISO with UltraISO, press F4 to extract all files and folders to c:\easyBoot\disk1, overwrite files exist
    - Rename sub folder HBCD to HBCD132
    - Open HBCD132\isolinux\isolinux.cfg with a text editor, replace all '\HBCD' to '\HBCD132' and save
    - use 'isolinux /hbcd99/isolinux/isolinux.cfg' to run Hiren's Boot CD V9.9
    - use 'isolinux /hbcd132/isolinux/isolinux.cfg' to run Hiren's Boot CD V13.2

    Note: 'memdisk' command is still availabe in V6, you may use 'memdisk setup98.img' to emulate a floppy image with isolinux/memdisk as before.

4) About eltorito.sys
     Location: c:\easyboot\resource
     Usage: Open a floppy image of DOS with UltraISO, add eltorito.sys to it, then modify config.sys and add the following line:
              device=eltorito.sys /d:mscd001
     Note: This device driver is device independent, it supports CD/DVD drive's with any kind of interface(IDE/SCSI/SATA/AHCI/USB) provided EasyBoot can boot from it properly.

Posted by dziubek on Feb. 10 2012,07:29
EasyBoot out

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What changes?
History.txt obviously not updated :/

Posted by sendaen on Sep. 08 2012,05:03
Thanks, is also available on USB drive?
Posted by balder on Sep. 08 2012,07:11

Wellcome to EasyBoot @sendaen :)

Quote: "Thanks, is also available on USB drive?"

Hmm.. Unsure what you mean ???

I guess you mean if EasyBoot can run from USB drive?
And yes it can (has been solved several years ago, but now also has built-in option to 'Burn' to USB drive) :cool:


Posted by BagherSol on Apr. 18 2013,10:57
Hi xoben
Thanks a lot
For this topic (EasyBoot V6.0 is released - Run bootable ISO images)
it's very usefull