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Topic: Dual windows server 2003 (32 & 64)
started by: Behdadsoft

Posted by Behdadsoft on Aug. 21 2016,02:14

I want make dual windows server 2003 32Bit and 64Bit with easyboot but I don't know how should do it, please help me.


Posted by balder on Aug. 21 2016,03:05
Hi again @Behdadsoft :D

Quote: "I want make dual windows server 2003 32Bit and 64Bit with easyboot but I don't know how should do it..."

Well that's a good question and I wonder if this can be solved ???

Maybe we can 'relax' folder name I386 from at least the 32-bit version?
I mean using my script 'EasyBoot-AIO.script'
However Win2003-server edition is tricky stuff comparing to WinXP that is 'easy as pie' :;):

That is all the help I can scrape out of my 'memory sockets' :p
Bear in mind that a server-2003 differ in several respects from Windows XP, which is a more 'pure and simple' OP system to install!

regards balder

Posted by Behdadsoft on Aug. 23 2016,03:08
Hi balder, how are you?


Posted by balder on Aug. 23 2016,04:22
@ Behdadsoft

Quote: "Hi balder, how are you?"

Thanks for your concern, - becoming 'older' - but still 'kicking around' :D

Hopefully the same to you :;):

EEEEE.... Noticed Sweden soccer ladies came home with a silver medal from OS - the German ladies unfortunately came home with gold medals :angry:   But fair enough... right team won :)

Have you noticed the last development regarding WinSetUpFromUSB-tool
I done some promising tests using 'setup-ISO-files' of different Windows (Win7/8/10)
Looks to be working pretty well :cool:

Topic < HERE >

Best regards from balder

Posted by balder on May 05 2017,07:01
Hi again @Behdadsoft

I’m coming back to this request, as I have tested my script “EasyBoot-AIO (CD/DVD-unit not USB)” which should be able to solve this issue of yours in an suitably way :;):

I have finally found downloads of Server2003 (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems) and successfully integrated these into EasyBoot and burn to a DVD using my script “EasyBoot-AIO”
I also tested integrating Winxp_sp2/3 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) into EasyBoot and burn to same DVD (it's a large build) – and it works without hesitation :cool:
I also tested run full setup of these system to a ‘real computer’ and I experienced no problems with this :)

Further more – use ‘clean’ new files of above systems when integrating systems to EasyBoot!
Do not make big changes using nLite (reduce system etcetera), as this is not supported in script.
The only thing you can do (which script support), is to let nLite integrate drivers – typically ‘Sata/Raid/Ahci’ etcetera – this works fine for script.

I have created a simple flash movie to show how to use script in an appropriated way – download < HERE >

Created a second flashmovie - download
< HERE >

Note1: in case you run NT-6 system (Windows-Vista/7/8/10 or server-2008) you must set UAC (use account Control) to lowest level (deactivate UAC) otherwise script can not run properly :(
If run Windows-8/8.1 or Win10 you must do more to shut off UAC.
Look in folder ‘balder/USB_Resources/UAC-settings [Win8_10_only]’ and there you will find two batch-files ‘Shut_OFF_UAC.cmd’ and ‘Activate_UAC.cmd’
Right-click to ‘Shut_OFF_UAC.cmd’ and chose to run file as ‘Aministrator’ – this shuts off UAC. You must reboot computer to make changes take effect.
To turn on UAC, simply double-click to ‘Activate_UAC.cmd’ and again reboot computer!

Note2: You must download latest version of my scripts to find these two batch-files!

Regards balder

Posted by balder on May 06 2017,09:32
@To users of my scripts :cool:

I have updated script collection (easyboot-AIO.script) to better functionality regarding built-in unattended file (unattended section in script) :O
Please download new folder ‘balder’ and totally replace your currently folder ‘balder’ :;):
Direct download < HERE >

ATTENTION! Found a bugg in AIO.script!!!!
Please download latest folder 'balder' and totally replace your current folder balder with this new release!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

regards balder