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Topic: How to merge two iso files into one?
started by: niulss

Posted by niulss on Jul. 16 2011,01:58
i tried using ultraiso, but it said the files were too big to use. the files i have are both just over 4 gigs. they are in iso format, they didn't come from rar or zip files. I just need to know how to merge them together into one iso file
Posted by niulss on Jul. 16 2011,01:59
more info added:
when i try to extract them, there is no error message, but nothing is extracted. i thought my winrar was acting up, so i redownloaded it, and there's nothing different. i tried mounting the two images in seperate virtual drives, but i couldn't access the first image. said it was corrupted. it's part of a ps2 game, but it works with the emulator i have. also, i don't understand what you mean with the run command