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Topic: Need help making a ISO Image file.
started by: wade7575

Posted by wade7575 on Sep. 22 2011,03:21
I have some file's I want to be made into an ISO Image file and these files are not on a disc they are on my Harddrive and I was wondering how do you import them into Ultra ISO and what do I need to do to make the ISO Image so it can be mounted to a Virtual drive,I have made ISO's before with Ultra ISO from a disc but never from just files on my Harddrive.I have tried dragging and dropping them in but whenever I try any of the create feature that I can think of it always wants to know what source drive the media is in.
Posted by wade7575 on Sep. 23 2011,20:53
Does anyone offer help in this forum,not trying to be a jrk but I just don't what the purpose of having a forum that no ever offer's help in.

Posted by rope on Sep. 24 2011,09:43
open ultra iso and hit  tap  file on the left corner

clic on NEW  and select here  the image you  wil create  now ..
note if the extensions are not listed may open the tap options ,,open configuration  there you go to the tap  integration  and select  the extentions , confirm  wiht ok ...
you need to restart ultra iso again


open ultra iso en klik op  bestand links boven
klik verder op nieuw  en selecteer de gewenste image die je wenst aan te maken .... als de bestanden extensie hebben die nog niet onder steunt worden ..
open dan de tap opties en klik verder op  configuratie het scherm dat er verschijnt klik je op de tap integratie ..
zet vervolgens de vinkjes aan bij de extenties die je wenst te gebruiken  en bevestig dit met ok ...
een herstart van ultra iso is aangewezen  

Posted by wade7575 on Sep. 25 2011,07:03
Thanks alot rope that did the trick and I got my ISO File made.