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Topic: Changing Virtual Drive Letter on Windows 7
started by: jbell94521

Posted by jbell94521 on Nov. 03 2010,13:50
UltraISO appears to create a virtual drive that is analogous to a CD drive.  On my Wihdows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine the assigned drive letter for that virtual drive id "I".  This interferes with my mapped drives in my network, (set by my login script in my Active Directory LAN).  I want to change the virtual drive letter to "F" or some other letter that is not in use in the LAN.  I went into UltraISO Options and then Configuration, then selected the Virtual Drive TAB.  I tried changing the drive letter several times, but it does not accept the change.  What can I do to remedy this?  Thanks!

BTW, I am running UltraISO Premium Edition version

Posted by easter on Nov. 07 2010,17:06
It is the same. On my Win7 (32-bit) UltraISO has the same bug — it's cannot assign an emulated drive letter to something before "I". But you can set it to any letter after "I" ("X", for example).
Posted by xoben on Nov. 07 2010,19:38
Tips for Windows 7:

1) Click on desktop icon of UltraISO, choose 'Run as administrator' from popup menu
2) Change drive letter as you did before
3) Exit UltraISO
4) Shutdown and restart Windows 7


1) Create a .reg file as the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2) run the reg file, then shutdown and restart your Windows 7.

Posted by easter on Nov. 08 2010,05:12
xoben, I tried to change drive letter via regisitry, set DRIVE to G (it was X, and drive letter used was X) then restarted immediately. After windows start virtual iso drive started as I: again. DRIVE value in ISODrive service registry branch is still G.

Well before installing UltraISO, I maybe connected some USB drives which have been mapped to drive letters G & H. So first I tried to dig where windows stores the list of disk devices and its drive letters used (didn't find yet), but then found this post and it's seems exactly the same issue.

Posted by Sven on Nov. 29 2010,20:38
xoben, thanks to you I found another registry key nearby called "ExcludeDrives". In my case it originally had the value "CDEFGHI" which explains why UltraISO failed to assign a drive letter before J.  I suggest you do this:

1) Create a .reg file as the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2) Change the value "CDEFGHI" to contain only the drive letters you want to be excluded from ISODrive use. At least leave the system drive letter - usually "C"

3) Save the .reg file

4) Run the .reg file

Problem solved. No need to reboot.

Posted by easter on Dec. 03 2010,08:10
Thanks Sven, I confirm this solution works on my win7 machine.
Posted by nito710 on Nov. 01 2011,04:06
Thanks for the comment bigbird. I couldn’t agree more. A little helpful information never hurt anybody!
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