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Topic: Essentials of UltraISO Premium
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Sep. 28 2007,23:21
Functional illustration:
Posted by xoben on Sep. 28 2007,23:29
You can do the following things with UltraISO Premium:
1) Backup CD's and DVD's to your hard disk as ISO images
"Tools"->"Make CD/DVD Image"

2) Make ISO image from files and folders on hard disk
"File"->'New",  use 'Actions"->"Add Files" or "Actions"->"Add Directory", then "File"->"Save"

3) Extract files and folders from an ISO
"File"->'Open", then select files or folders, "Actions"->'Extract to"

4) Add files and folders to an ISO image (edting)
"File"->"Open", use 'Actions"->"Add Files" or "Actions"->"Add Directory", then "File"->"Save"

5) Emulate ISO images as virtual CD/DVD drive, and run programs from there directly (Version 8.51 and later)
"Tools"->"Mount to virtual drive"

6) Converting up to 30 CD/DVD image formats (such as NRG, MDS, CCD, etc) to ISO, NRG, MDS and CCD format

7) Burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs
"Tools"->"Burn CD/DVD image"

8) Burn files and folders  to CDs or DVDs on-the-fly(Version 8.12 and later)
"File"->'New",  use 'Actions"->"Add Files" or "Actions"->"Add Directory", then "Tools"->"Burn CD/DVD image"