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Topic: Merging ISO files
started by: pxpt

Posted by pxpt on Apr. 16 2004,02:25
Is it possible to merge two or more ISO files into one larger ISO using UltraISO? I have looked in the documentation and I cannot find anything relating to this.

The reason why I would like to merge ISO files is when I download Mandrake Linux CD ISO's I like to combine them together and make a Mandrake Linux DVD. At the moment I have to write the files out of the ISO's into a temp area on my hard drive then add the files to a new ISO. It can be a bit tedious, error prone and time consuming to do this for 5 CD ISO's!

If UltraISO cannot do this at present then it might be a good new feature to add.
Posted by xoben on Apr. 16 2004,10:07
Currently, you can use UltraISO + SoftDisc( to merge two or more ISO images together.

1) Open one of ISO image
2) Simulate another one by SoftDisc
3) Add all files and folders from the virtual DVD/CD drive to the image
4) Save or Save As a new image

Posted by pxpt on Apr. 16 2004,19:06

Not exactly ideal - but I'll give it a go!

Good idea to plug another of your utils though!  :)
Posted by Guest on Jun. 15 2006,01:31
this just confused me terribly. Can someone actually explain it step by step?
Posted by xoben on Jun. 15 2006,03:46
Step by step instructions:
1) Download both UltraISO and SoftDisc from < >, set up them
Note: As UltraISO Premium has built-in ISODrive now, SoftDisc is not needed anymore. You can skip this step for UltraISO version 8.51 and later.

2) Start UltraISO, open one ISO image
3) Mount another ISO to virtual drive by pressing F6
4) Choose 'Actions'->'Add directory' from main menu, and select the virtual drive to add all files and folders to ISO image
5) Save to a new image

Posted by sp9d9 on Jun. 23 2006,08:46
Could you pretty please make it more simple? I dl'd the programs but I dont know how to add the virtual drive files to my current.
Posted by xoben on Jun. 24 2006,20:40
Hello sp9d9, is it OK now?
Posted by sp9d9 on Jun. 25 2006,09:07
No. I merged my files into one iso but its too big to fit on a dvd. Is there still a way to do it?
Posted by Mushead_001 on Oct. 17 2010,00:26
I just bought UltraISO V9.36 for my coumpany and I need to know if I can use it on two more computers without buying two more registration codes? If this is posted in the wrong topic box let me know so I can re-post. Thanks

Posted by hartdigital on Jan. 29 2011,17:46
I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but somehow I got to age 64 without any coding experience.
Would you give a current answer for an old newbie that just wants to combine two ISO downloads from Animoto?

Posted by markspend003 on Mar. 22 2013,10:09
Hello Guys my name is Mark.According to that topic i think that there are plenty of ways to combine ISO files.Just open the second ISO file, extract the information to your hard drive.Then open the first ISO computer file, add the information from the second ISO on your hard drive to the first one, write it to a new file. For more visit that url:

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