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Topic: What is a "Virtual CD-ROM Drive"?
started by: martinx

Posted by martinx on Dec. 08 2003,03:17
A Virtual CD-ROM drive emulates the functionality of the CD-ROM drive on your computer by applying emulation technology. You can use it as if it were a real CD-ROM drive. Tasks performed by a traditional CD-ROM drive can be done utilizing a virtual CD-ROM drive.
In addition, the virtual CD-ROM drive has many user-friendly functions that are not provided by a physical CD-ROM drive. For example:
A real CD is not required to be inserted when running a program, so you can avoid the inconvenience of carrying a lot of CD's with you when you are working.
Compared to a real CD-ROM drive, a virtual CD-ROM drive is 200x faster!
You can use it as a real CD-ROM drive!
Posted by JuanG on Oct. 21 2005,20:35
Virtual CD-ROM is it compatible with XP 64 bit?
Posted by mithcd on May 29 2012,12:13
Hi. I don't think this is compatible yet.