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Topic: Is the Daemon Tools in disguise?!?!
started by: nemojohan

Posted by nemojohan on Oct. 01 2004,08:15
I noticed the current version is 3.47, just like Daemon Tools. The program offers 4 virtual drivers, just like DT.. the options are just the same. The only difference is the GUI as far as I'm concerned, and you pay for this program, not DT.

Would appreciate a reply!


Posted by xoben on Oct. 01 2004,20:40
SoftDisc is bundled with Daemon-Tools, when you buy SoftDisc, a license for Daemon-Tools is included and we pay for Daemon-tools thereafter.
Posted by nemojohan on Oct. 03 2004,18:18
Gotcha, thanks for the reply!
Posted by mithcd on May 29 2012,12:20
Got it right here too. Any news with the new version out on this?