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Topic: SoftDisc v2.52 and newer version of Daemon Tools?
started by: JuanValdez

Posted by JuanValdez on Jan. 19 2006,13:57
Ok... so on the advice of a friend, i grabbed an eval of SoftDisc to try out... v2.52. As i'm installing it, i already ran into a problem.

I currently have the latest and greatest version of Daemon Tools installed on my computer (v4.03), and yet the install of SoftDisc wants to install the older 3.47 version. I've tried to skip the Daemon Tools part of the SoftDisc install in hopes that SoftDisc would see and use the newer version, but <BEEEEP!>... Thank you for playing. No go-ski!.

Is it possible to make SoftDisc peacefully co-exist w/ other versions of Daemon Tools or must i only have 3.47 installed for SoftDisc to be happy?

Posted by kenalcock on Apr. 12 2006,03:12
Any word on this?  I have the same issue.  

Is this a licensing thing?  I actually have my own license of Daemon Tools.

(I'm also licensed for UltraISO, EasyBoot, and SoftDisc).

Posted by xoben on Apr. 12 2006,10:27
The next version of SoftDisc will support Daemon-Tools 4.x.
Posted by klauzser on May 31 2012,22:33
I guess this one has already been released. I would say thank you for updating your software and be able to support Daemon Tools  4.