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Topic: SoftDisc 2.51 is released.
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Aug. 15 2004,09:49
What's New:

+) Integrates newest version UltraISO V7.21 SR-2
+) Can backup Audio CD, VCD, SVCD, Mixed mode CD, CD extra and multi-session CDs
+) Supports Nero 6.3.1.x burning engine (NeroBurn)
+) Supports burning DVD disc through Nero (NeroBurn)
+) Can erase non-empty rewritable disc before burning (NeroBurn)
*) Improved ASPI/SPTI interface under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes

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Posted by klauzser on Jun. 04 2012,02:24
Where I can find the list of version and their differences compared to old and new updates?
Posted by ronnierichards on Jun. 15 2012,01:25
I tried searching list of all the versions of SoftDisc and also their differences but was unsuccessful in doing so.. If any one else knows about it please share it..