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Topic: version 3.01 not completely stable
started by: eliah

Posted by eliah on Dec. 07 2006,10:40

When using SoftDisc for mounting/unmounting images sometimes an Explorer Access Violation appears.
UltraISO and Daemon tools are stable, the error only appears when using SoftDisc.
I'm using XP SP2 on a fresh installation.

Posted by xoben on Dec. 08 2006,22:56
Thanks eliah for the message.

Any information about how to reproduce that problem will be appreciated.

Posted by celavey on May 21 2012,21:38
I got this type of problem before, but when I switched to a different OS, it vanished.
Posted by Guest on Jul. 10 2012,05:35
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Posted by KuoDJian on Aug. 23 2012,05:55
This is actually a very old post. I want to ask whether your problem got solved. Can you share with us How you have done that?