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Topic: Need to flash new BIOS on Dell desktop.
started by: rrman

Posted by rrman on Nov. 03 2012,00:02
Dell instructions say to create an MSDOS bootable CD after adding the DOS flash BIOS program.

I have an MSDOS iso file and can create a bootable CD from it. I added the flash program to the iso file and created a new bootable CD.

It booted correctly and created the A: drive in RAM. But it failed to install the CDROM driver from MSCDEX nor did it place the flash program in the A: drive.

How do I get access to the flash program so I can run it and burn a new BIOS?

Nick Geti

Posted by cynthiasnahlik on Nov. 07 2012,01:11
I would like to know is dell desktops have linux bios flashing software now.