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Topic: windows 8 compatibility?
started by: nevzat

Posted by nevzat on Mar. 05 2013,15:24
I have a Windows 8 laptop, Daemon Tools that came bundled with SoftDisc have problems installing on my laptop. It insists rebooting to continue installation, however after rebooting the same scenario repeats :(

Will there be any Windows 8 compaitble release soon?

Posted by nevzat on Mar. 05 2013,15:59
I've partially solved the problem :
1- installed sptd 1.83 x64, rebooted
2- installed bundled dtools 4.10 x64
dtools seems to work, however Softdisc does not seem to work.

i wish softdisc will be updated and also the latest daemon tools v5 will be included.


Posted by cafayzieg on Mar. 13 2013,04:43
I don't have a try.  < :( >

Posted by markspend003 on Mar. 22 2013,10:19
Hello Guys according to that topic i think that windows 8 is a version of Microsoft windows for use on pcs, including home and office desktops, laptops,and others.
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