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Topic: Will SoftDisc be Updated?
started by: DarkMist

Posted by DarkMist on Jul. 27 2005,23:48

Great Program! Would like to know if you intend updating SoftDisc to support the newest cd protections and as SoftDisc is similar to UltraISO in function why has it not been updated in such a long time whereas UltraISO has??
Posted by mithcd on May 29 2012,12:15
Great program indeed. +1 right here.
Posted by markspend003 on Mar. 26 2013,08:19
Hey Guys according to that topic i think that Soft disc is an computer file tool that allows you to create, modify and manage your picture information.  Soft disc allows you store hard drive details in ISO structure and allows you to record details onto the hard drive using local and network hard disks.For download that program visit that URL:

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