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started by: Mannypl

Posted by Mannypl on Jan. 06 2014,22:18
UltraISO is the best ISO program I have used and have been using for a while. Recently had the "ultraiso dvd-r/rw media requires setting mode page to use DAO writing" error. I have reinstalled my AHCI drivers "IntelĀ® Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.9.0.1023" which are the latest for my ASUS P5B Deluxe but have as yet not tried it out. I just reinstalled the latest version of UltraISO and I noticed for the first time that the font in the main windows looks just like small fonts in Win XP with Clear Type turned off. There is no way to change this font and it doesn't use the default size font that all my other programs use. Why can't you make UltraISO use my default windows font? Or least let us change it within the program? Use Clear Type so it doesn't look so old. Would be happy to pay for an upgrade. Wait till you're over 60 and have to wear glasses....
Posted by Mannypl on Jan. 07 2014,03:03
Actually the menu bar and drop down lists follow the windows protocol for text but the viewing windows don't.