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Topic: BootIce solution "write disk image" error
started by: Ghost168

Posted by Ghost168 on Mar. 18 2016,15:03
[ BootIce Solution ]

Dear EZB member,

Before this, I did send you feedback about: No contiguous writing to usb "write disk image"

Whatever I tried, when I write an BootMenuUSB stick, from UltraIso, or from EasyBoot,

always there are some menu-item-iso’s that won’t start and gave an error message. When I

burn the same iso’s from exactly the place at usb to a DVD, the iso’s would start normally.

This happens when using a lot of WinPE iso’s in an EasyBootMenu writing an USB stick.


Using the U+V2 button in BootIce and formatting the stick in two partitions helped me out.

Afterwards I had to Process PBR to Gr4Dos on the BootMenu Partition and set EZLDR,

replacing GRLDR with pbr-install. Because of the formatting, the BootMenu partition had

to be filled with the right  easyboot content: map ezboot , iso and with the ezldr bootfile.

Now, for the 1st time, all my BootMenu Items would start without any problem from USB.

Please, integrate that solution in the “write disk image” utility from Easyboot and UltraISO.

See the picture with the U+V2 button:

Posted by Ghost168 on Mar. 18 2016,17:45
If this doesn't work for you, try to format the BootMenu Partition back to Fat16, max 4Gb. Older OS to max 2Gb.

Posted by Ghost168 on Mar. 22 2016,09:22
a EZB representative answered me:
"Herewith we confirm that files written to USB devices with 'Write Disk Image' function of UltraISO are contigurous. It is recommanded to choose 'None' for 'Hidden Boot Partition' option on wrting to avoid this issue."
I did choose "None" (not hidden) several times. It formats the whole usb disk and does not split it in 2 partitions. It formats always clustersize 4KB.
Hidden or Not Hidden, some menu-items, iso files, won't start and gave a "load error". So, the info from the EZB representative is proven not to be correct, at least here.
If I copy the map with iso files from the usb stick, where they did not start normally, to my harddisk, and format the BootMenu partition on usb manually, copy the content back to usb, the same errors will appear. You might think that the iso files are the cause of the problem, but that is not true. Because, if I copy them back to usb BootMenu, after I manually formatted the bootmenu partition to Fat32 clustersize  1KB, 8KB, 16KB or 32KB, the same files, that were copied back, started with no problem at all !!!
Fat32 Clustersize 512b, 2KB, and 4KB give load errors.
@ EZB: Please do more research. Maybe changing the format routine in UltraISO / EasyBoot will solve this.