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Topic: Make UltraISO work on systems with DEP enabled
started by: sirams

Posted by sirams on Jun. 01 2016,02:36
I recently had a situation when UltraISO was not launching and just crashed with some event log entries with Exception code: 0xc0000005, Event Name: BEX.

While investigating the issue I found some old threads on this forum which mentioned something about EMET and DEP:

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I looked at my bcdedit settings on my Windows 10 64bit machine and sure enough - I saw nx AlwaysOn.

I changed it to nx OptIn, which usually is the default on new Windows installations. Then UltraISO started to work fine.

I have installed lots of development software - Visual Studio, Hyper-V etc. and I'm not sure which one changed the nx DEP setting. Anyway, there might be people who need to use UltraISO on machines with DEP enabled, therefore it would be great if UltraISO could work with DEP enabled.