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Topic: Ultraiso crashes when used with DEP
started by: bugreporter

Posted by bugreporter on Jun. 05 2012,19:28
Ultraiso crashes when used with DEP
Ultraiso crashes if windows is set to force DEP (/noexecute=AlwaysOn in boot.ini), btw. the only setting that makes sense.  

The only solution known to me is to unpack the executable (f.e. with aspackdie). looks like an incompatibility with aspack and and DEP.
i think you should use a newer version of aspack (if this solves the problem) or skip using it at all.

and livelinks in user avatars
while surfing this support forum i found that many of the user avatars (f.e. from mythcd, who answered the last five posts from this subforum) contain live links to pages from "". the administrator should take care of this problem.

Posted by klauzser on Jun. 05 2012,21:17
What's with that site anyway? Is that your site you are trying to show here? Anyway, I am currently using ASPack 2.12. What is the latest version we have so far?
Posted by aisin on Oct. 25 2012,04:58
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