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Topic: Uiso Premium Crash !!!
started by: ucien

Posted by ucien on Jan. 06 2013,06:37
Hi @all

I'am a registered User from Ultra Iso Premium

Today i have try to open a huge Iso Image (27GB)
(Media mkv)with Ultra Iso,ok UI Starts to open this
.image but after a while (1 Mins aprox.)A Windows
7 Error Popup Screen appears(Ultra iso.exe crashes and
must be closed.

Can you help me someone here pls with this anoying
Ultar iso Bug


Lucien :D

UPDATE 08/01/13 *****

Problem seems to be solved for the next time

"It is a BD disc image with UDF 2.6 volume, please understand that UltraISO does not support this file system yet."


thx@ EEZB Support