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Topic: Trying to post New Message has major problem!
started by: tjdarth1

Posted by tjdarth1 on Jun. 13 2013,02:28
I have been trying to post to the UltraISO forum for the last day or so. When I select the 'Post New Topic' button I am not given any indication that the forum has accepted my msg?? I am curious to see if the system will allow me to post this very message.  ??? I have included a .pdf image for review.
Posted by tjdarth1 on Jun. 15 2013,03:37
I think I have pinpointed the problem related to not being able to upload a message and it has to do with the size of the uploaded file and the inability of this " Ikonboard" application to return a graceful error message when an oversized upload file is being processed. I have to presume that the "File Attachments Maximum file size (153600)" is KB, primarily because there is no viewable identifier (kb, mb, gb, etc . . .) other than "**bytes**" associated with this text.

The file I wanted to upload happens to be an 891KB .pdf file . I attempted to downsize this file to either a ,jpg or .bit with no luck. The smallest I achieved was 311kb still a tad much for a successful upload.

After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to upload message and all, and being returned to the anchor page, a little light came on! I removed the link and sure enough the message I was trying to post under UltraISO 9.53 was accepted successfully!

On another note in the same vein of the "**File Attachment textbox **" it appears that once you have placed valid link information into the box, you can't erase its' contents!? The msg link I was trying to leave is as follows:

<;st= >

Looking at the 'view source' it appears this small problem could be fixed in a short period of time. More importantly I hope I can get the above link issue resolved. I am under a bit of a time crunch here and every effort to get answers would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance . . .