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Topic: UltraISO replaces important CD signatures.
started by: Corak

Posted by Corak on Nov. 12 2014,07:51
UltraISO replaces important CD signatures.

Found a long ago that UltraISO replaces some important CD signatures in Iso images with it's own and so screws some games that scans cd data protection. Such games will never run from that ISO images.
Examples are lot.

Original signature (working):

UltraISO signature (not working):

Brave Soul:
Original Game ISO (ccd,cue,img,sub):
< >

Working cutted ISO by Magic ISO Maker:
< >

Game Pack (v1.0) with CD protection:
< >

Found that ISOBuster saves the normal signatures and game works normally, but sadly it cannot remove/replace files from Tracks, only replace/remove the Whole tracks... No such feature there

Also tried Magic ISO Maker - it have the same interface as UltraISO... And it's normally Saves the CD signatures without replacing, also it can edit ISO Image. So works perfect.

Can you make UltraISO to preserve/save the ORIGINAL cd signatures without replacing them?