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Topic: Upgrading is impossible
started by: grijander

Posted by grijander on Feb. 17 2012,05:50
I purchased Ultraiso 9.3 when it was released. When version 9.5 was available i received an email with a link to the new version. After downloading and installing it, i introduce my registration code and it seems to work but when i load the program it asks me for the registration code again. This happens over and over again. I type the reg code carefully, copy and paste it from the email and it doesn't work. In fact i think i've lost my fingerprints due to the many times i've typed the reg code. So the lifetime upgrades is a joke.

Sent an email to the suppor team and all they told me is that i have to download the software from the link provided in their email. Just what i did the first time.

Posted by xoben on Feb. 24 2012,02:18
We did provide lifetime free upgrades for all registered customers.

When a new version is released, it is recommanded to download latest version from < > , setup it directly over the old version and keep registered with your registration information.

If your old version has been removed, please make sure that both of your registration name and code are entered properly.

Posted by mithcd on May 29 2012,12:36
Thanks for clarifying this. These things usually happen.
Posted by grijander on Sep. 05 2012,15:36
Nope, it didn`t work. I tried again with the new version and it does NOT work. It keeps asking for the reg. code over and over again. I install the the first version (9.3) and everithing is fine. Trying to upgrade is a waste of time.
Posted by Malik on Sep. 06 2012,02:03
I am having the same problem too. I can't use the registration number with the latest UltraISO. After entering the registration key, when I restart UltraISO, it still asks to enter the key again. I too followed the link to download from the link provided in my original mail.

Posted by xoben on Sep. 06 2012,04:14
For further assiatance, please contact with your order ID or registered e-mail address.
Posted by grijander on Sep. 08 2012,07:07
Ok, xoben, send the mail. They will say that your registration key is ok and provide a link to download the new version, which, of course, won't work.

Now try this, search "Ultraiso" in google. A lot of result like "UltraIso + Keygen" will appear. Download any of them and install. Surprise, Surprise!! It works, no need to use the keygen.  The new version installs and you are ready to go.

People at EZB Systems should be ashamed. Please send us the correct link to the registered version. The link you send us does not work. Legitimate users should not have to waste time downloading from other sources.