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Topic: Registration Key No Longer Works With New Version
started by: Malik

Posted by Malik on Sep. 04 2013,07:40
Hello, this problem existed before and I remember posting something similar but later I ignored it, since I had the original downloaded copy from the link that was sent to my mail and that version worked.

It cropped up again now, after I bought a new laptop and downloaded again from the link in my mail.

The original link looks like this :


(I have replaced with **** for protection.)

That uiso93pes.exe was the version at the time of my purchase.

That link now points to the newer version which is uiso9_pe.exe.

Further information regarding the purchase :

Order ID: 74332769KM167272M
Product: UltraISO
Language: Multilanguage
Version: V9.3.6.2750
License: Single User License

I received that mail on July 8, 2010, so I guess I purchased it around that time.

This problem existed in my various systems, both when running 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and 32-bit WinXP.

I managed to find the original file from my backup, and the key works with that version.

But then again, am I not entitled to the new version?

Every time I enter my name and my registration key in the new version, and when I restart the program, the same registration window crops up.

I'm somewhat disappointed.

xoben, can you please help me? I love this product and this is the only CD burning/backup/explore software I'm still using. (I use DT Lite for mounting purposes only.)

Thank You.