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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does SoftDisc contain the UltraISO license?


Answer: No. The user must purchase the independent UltraISO authorization, SoftDisc only executes UltraISO through Windows Shell to perform ISO document creating and editing function.
Note: For convenience, SoftDisc contains full setup package of the latest UltraISO Trial version.


Q. Does SoftDisc contain the Daemon-Tools authorization?


Answer: Yes. SoftDisc is bundled with Daemon-Tools, when you buy SoftDisc, a license for Daemon-Tools is included.


Note: SoftDisc contains full setup package of Daemon-Tools 3.47 Trial version. You can upgrade it to version 4.0x as needed.


Q. Does SoftDisc need simultaneously to run Daemon-Tools administration program?


Answer: SoftDisc completely independent to the Daemon-Tools management user interface, you may close Daemon-Tools Tary Icon, or uses it with SoftDisc with no problem.



Note: Uncheck Daemon-Tools Option->Autostart, then "Exit" to close the Daemon-Tools system tray icon. For version 4.0x, uncheck 'Secure mode' is recommanded.


Q. How to use SoftDisc system tray icon?


Answer: In click mouse left button, you can open / close the host window; click mouse right button to take SoftDisc popup menu, realizes the compact disc image document make/edit/mount/unmount and other functions.






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