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     I've just spent several hours searching for an alternative to CloneCD and ran across this program. I'm still not certain if it can do what I'm wanting, though, and would appreciate someone clearing up my confusion. :) Basically, I've got a set of files, .CCD, .CUE, .IMG, .SUB, and would like to either find something else, other than CloneCD, to burn them, or something that can convert the lot to a single ISO (preferable) that could be burned with anything (I use Nero). Can UltraIso do this? I used to like CloneCD, but in the last couple of years it seems that every new build has massive bugs and crashes a lot, so I'm washing my hands of it.

  My second question is, does UltraIso also have the ability to backup cds, including subchannel data, just like CloneCD does? That would be very nice.


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Generally, CloneCD use a set of three files to store a CD image:
.CCD/.CUE  cue sheet to describe session and track information
.IMG   raw data of a CD, sector by sector
.SUB   subchannel data of a CD  

Qustion No.1: How to use CloneCD image by other programs?
1) You can emulate CloneCD image directly by CD/DVD-ROM emulating software(such as SoftDisc), whitout the need to burn it to a CD-R.
2) You can burn the .CUE file by Nero or CDRWin, directly. In this case, Nero will lose sight of the .SUB file, so the CD burned does not work properly if some copy-protected information stay in sub-channel section.
3) You can convert it to standard ISO, and most burning tools can handle. In this case, only pure data(2048 bytes per sector) remain and additional information will be lost, including .SUB file and some RAW information.
Come to a conclusion: if your CloneCD image is a data CD, and not copy protected (for example, not a GameCD), it is safe doing in all three ways. Otherwise, you may need a pacth for case #2 and #3.

Qustion No.2: How to use CloneCD to burn a CD image in other formats?
Answer: Until now, CloneCD recognize only .CCD format. UltraISO can help you to convert ISO file to .CCD/.IMG/.SUB file set, it is safe to burn an ISO image this way, so does .BIN/.CUE format.

Qustion No.3: Can UltraISO backup an copy-protected game CD?
Answer: Not yet. We may add this feature some day.

Edited by xoben on Dec. 28 2003,20:27
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