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Revision History


36, EasyBoot 6.6 (September 23, 2015)                                       Buy Now    Free Trial


+) Supports Windows 10 operating system
+) Supports load syslinux 6.x/5.x config files (slver)
*) Fixed a bug with PS/2 mouse driver
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


35, EasyBoot 6.55 (April 11, 2014)  


+) Supports Windows 8/8.1 operating system
*) Fixed a bug with booting from HDD above 500GB large
*) Fixed a bug with mounting a deep hidden boot partition (bootpart)
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


34, EasyBoot 6.53 (August 18, 2012)  


+) New 'bootpart' command to access boot partition(deep hidden) running within DOS environment
*) Elevate to administrator's right for 'Write USB disk' operation when UAC is turned on (Windows Vista/7/8)
*) Includes boot partition(deep hidden) device driver for Windows PE environment
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


33, EasyBoot 6.52 (November 8, 2011)  


+) Can emulate writable floppy image in memory ('vfloppy xxx.img')
*) Show prompt message if UltraISO is not found for 'Burn' operation
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


32, EasyBoot 6.51 (October 25, 2011)  


*) Fixed a bug with emulating some floppy images (.IMG/.IMA)
*) Fixed a bug with returning back to main menu from DOS environment (ezboot.com)
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


31, EasyBoot 6.5 (October 11, 2011)  


+) Supports booting from USB disk (FAT/FAT32)
+) Can run boot sector file (.bsf)
+) Can pass commands or cfg file to syslinux (FAT/FAT32, via 'isolinux' command)
+) New 'shutdown' command (APM 1.1+)
+) New 'remount' command for changing boot media
+) New 'swap' command to remap USB drive number
*) Faster submenu switching
*) Can burn CD/DVD with UltraISO (v8.6 and later)
*) Can write USB disk with UltraISO (v9.5 and later)
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


30, EasyBoot 6.0 (August 5, 2011)  


+) New graphics interface engine, supports 24bit true color display mode, Smooth Video display and fast submenu switching
+) Enhanced diskemu engine, can run bootable ISO image directly (such as Acronis, WinPE, UBCD, Hiren's Boot CD, etc), and supports vfloppy functionality
+) New isolinux command, can pass commands or cfg file to isolinux (for example: isolinux /myboot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg)
+) Can run ntldr/setupldr.bin/bootmgr/grldr (for example: loadsegm 2000;run /wxpe/setupldr.bin)
*) Includes universal CD/DVD-ROM device driver for DOS environment
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


29, EasyBoot 5.13 (July 3, 2011)  


+) Improved boot loader, increases compatibility with Video BIOS for new Intel Sandy Bridge platform
+) Improved portable environment support, can read registration information from ini file(ebkey.ini)
+) Can recover background image (BMP) automatically
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


28, EasyBoot 5.12 (April 22, 2008)  


+) Supports Vista boot loader
+) New command 'memdisk', can run floppy/hdd image file with isolinux/memdisk (by H. Peter Anvin)
+) Option to allow lowercase in filenames on making an ISO image
*) Improved large floppy image support (run)


27, EasyBoot 5.10 (September 1, 2006)  


+) Improved boot loader, increases compatibility with Award BIOS
+) Supports filenames with lowercase letter
*) Checks presence of EMM386 (ezboot.com)
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


26, EasyBoot 5.09 (March 22, 2006)


+) Improved boot loader, increases compatibility with BIOS and supports coming back to boot menu from DOS environment (with new ezboot.com)
+) Supports filenames with ISO9660 version number
+) Supports relative/full path of boot image file in 'run' command
+) Can run .INI files by 'bcdw' command
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


25, EasyBoot 5.08 (March 9, 2006)


+) New command 'bcdw', can run boot image file with Bootable CD Wizard v2.0a1 (by Alex Kopylov)
+) Can create large floppy image from a seed image of hard disk
*) Fixed a bug with saving password of bootable CD
*) Some minor improvements

  24, EasyBoot 5.07 (January 3, 2006)  

+) Improved bootable ISO creating core, increases compatibility with most BIOS and CD/DVD drives
+) Checkes presence and filename length of boot image file in menu command
*) Some minor improvements


23, EasyBoot 5.06 (December 6, 2004)


+) Improved device driver, increases compatibility with most VESA 1.2/2.0/3.0 video cards
+) Supports 1024x768 screen resolution (256 and 32K/64K colors)
+) Use 32K (15bits) color mode if 64K mode is not available
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


22, EasyBoot 5.05 (November 30, 2004)


+) New 'Use image text' option, can create menu item with text string in custom font and size
+) Supports 800x600 screen resolution.
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


21, EasyBoot 5.04 (October 21, 2004)


+) Can run boot image file(.BIF) of Acronis products (TrueImage, Disk Director, etc.)
*) Fixed a bug with booting from some USB-CD/DVD devices
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


20, EasyBoot 5.03 (September 22, 2004)


+) Improved bootable ISO creating core, increases compatibility with most CD/DVD drives after burned to a CD-R/DVD-R disc
+) Checks Acc.Key for menu items before saving a menu file
+) Show warning message when an ISO image above 4GB is saving to a FAT32 volume
+) Supports Arabic, Turkish and Russian user interface
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


19, EasyBoot 5.02 (August 27, 2004) 


+) Can make boot menu in more languages, including Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian
+) Supports Norwegian and Czech user interface
*) Some minor bugs fixed


18, EasyBoot 5.01 (August 6, 2004)


+) Supports 16bits bitmap images (64K color mode)
*) Fixed a bug with 'Int 13 extensions' detection
*) Fixed a bug with bootable ISO creation when only ISO 9660 volume is used
*) Fixed a UI problem with large font size (120DPI)
*) Some minor bugs fixed


17, EasyBoot 5.0 (July 16, 2004)


+) Supports video mode with 65,536 colors (16bits)
+) Supports custom color table
+) Option to change screen mode of boot menus
+) Option to disable PS/2 mouse
+) Can load default menu file if screen mode is not supported by video card
+) Can check BIOS for the presence of Int 13h extensions
+) Multi-language version is available
+) Supports Nero 6.3.1.x burning engine (NeroBurn)
+) Supports burning DVD disc through Nero (NeroBurn)
+) Can erase non-empty rewritable disc before burning (NeroBurn)
+) Supports single file-size up to 4GB in bootable DVDs
*) Fixed a boot problem with very large files in root directory of a bootable DVD
*) Improved mouse support with movement acceleration
*) Some minor bugs fixed


16, EasyBoot 4.56 (February 8, 2004)


+) Supports super long filename up to 221 characters
+) Can create DVD image up to 10GB
+) Small tool (wboot.com) for returning back to main menu from DOS emulation mode
*) Fix a bug with 'boot catalog' for some linux bootable CDs
*) Some minor bugs fixed


15, EasyBoot 4.55 (December 15, 2003)


+) Create floppy disk image in any size(up to 32x1.44MB, 46.08MB)
+) Build-in text replacement function for binary files
+) Option to hide boot directory and files
*) Burn latest generated ISO image by default
*) Some minor bugs fixed


14, EasyBoot 4.51 (October 17, 2003)


*) Supports non-MS format floppy image (Unix/Linux)
*) Supports disk image with partial last track (space optimization ready)
*) Fix a bug of abnormal menu text displayed when menu item height is too small


13, EasyBoot 4.5 (October 10, 2003)


+) Supports floppy disk image in any size (FAT12/FAT16)
+) Burn CD through Nero-Burning ROM, directly
+) Hide all files under boot directory
*) Some minor bugs fixed


12, EasyBoot 4.1 (August 6, 2003)


+) Supports 5.76MB/11.52MB/23.04MB floppy disk image
+) Standard VGA mode is used when VBE mode not available
+) New "small arrow" cursor (windows-like)
*) Fixed "Stream read error" with some BMP images created by PhotoShop
*) Fixed bug with saving parameters of progress bar
*) Some minor bugs fixed


11, EasyBoot 4.0 (June 24, 2003)


+) Supports image with 256 colors
+) Supports PS/2 mouse
+) Can display progress bar
+) Password protection for menu items
+) Supports floppy image in more format, including 160KB/180KB/320KB/360KB/720KB/820KB/1.2MB/1.44MB/1.68MB/1.72MB/2.88MB
+) Supplementary tool to use real floppy in DOS-emulation mode
*) Some minor bugs fixed


10, EasyBoot 3.55 SR-1 (April 30, 2003)


+) Supports Shell integration with .ezb document
*) Fixed Text processing error when string length over 80 characters
*) Keep leading space of Menu text
*) Setup and document improvement
*) Some minor bugs fixed


9, EasyBoot 3.55 (March 16, 2003)


+) Make CD startup menu in more than 13 localized language, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
+) Put all boot files into one directory
+) Hide boot directory under both Windows and DOS environment, you can see no more file or folder in CD root
+) Password protection for bootable CD
+) Support transparent menu text
+) Smooth submenu display effect (without black screen interval)
*) Speed up background image display
*) Fixed Joliet volume does not generate problem


8, EasyBoot 3.5 (January 23, 2003)


+) Fully graphics interface startup menu, you can easily get 3D effect
+) support background image
+) display time counter for menu selection
+) integrated bootable floppy disk image maker
+) New N in 1 ISO builder engine, 2-3 times fast than before
*) Fixed volume cannot change error
*) Fixed upper left corner flicking problem during submenu display


7, EasyBoot 3.22 (December 5, 2002)


+) support debug mode to check bootable CD problems
+) support external CD Pre-mastering tools
*) Fixed only part of screen displayed problem
*) Fixed keypad <enter> problem
*) Fixed "Directly Run" mode processing problem
*) Fixed key letter transfer problem


6, EasyBoot 3.21 (November 25th, 2002)


+) new boot core, support 80x30 display mode
+) support start logo
*) Fixed default menu cannot change error
*) Fixed "GetKey" error on some situation
*) Fixed wait time processing problem


5, EasyBoot 3.2 (October 25, 2002)


+) New CD pre-mastering engine with fully graphics user interface, generate ISO image more quickly
+) Supports user defined boot image file
+) Supports "Optimize" and "Set Date/Time" under Windows 98
+) Supports localized character filename under Window 98
*) Fixed abnormal display boot menu on some LCD monitor problem
*) Fixed display problems with some text GUI tools problem when boot into DOS


4, EasyBoot 3.1 (September 26, 2002)


+) Restores function of directly make ISO document, UltraISO is released as independent tool
+) Supports the compact disc document optimizes, may create N in 1 bootable compact disc
+) Supports the document date re-establishment, causes to make specialized boot CD
+) May choose whether or not to use the Joliet volume
+) Supports the multiple command, the user may cause one menu to carry out group of commands, more flexible
+) Help documents (CHM)
+) support 64 Chinese characters surpasses reports
*) Fixed Open/Save button non-response error when running on Windows 98
*) Fixed not normal display of Windows 2000/XP boot screen on some computers

  3, EasyBoot 3.0 SR-1 (April 23, 2002)  

+) Improves the document open/save way, no longer fixed directory
+) Through independent UltraISO 3.1 SR-1 tool completes the ISO document generate
*) Fixed menu file processing error, EasyBoot is more stable
*) Fixed "display sample text" error
*) Fixed the object list lacks the default choice problem
*) Fixed menu blinking problem on some computers
*) Fixed not normal display of DOS emulation on some computers


2, EasyBoot 3.0 (March 6, 2002)


 +) Initial public edition released.


1, EasyBoot 2.3 (February 23, 2002)


 +) Demo edition released.






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